• Kamagra Polo

Kamagra Polo

Kamagra Polo Product Description

Kamagra Polo is an oral chewable medication used in treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction) in males and is effective in around 10 minutes and lasts for 4-6 hours. Kamagra Polo contains sildenafil citrate as the active ingredient. Kamagra Polo is available in a tube of 7 tablets with various flavors such as pineapple and mint or strawberry and lemon flavors.

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Kamagra Polo Dosage

Kamagra Polo should be taken only after consulting your medical professional as its dosage depends on your age and clinical history. Usual recommended dosage of Kamagra Polo is 100mg orally (taken with water). Kamagra Polo is recommended only one tablet per day (do not take more than one tablet per day) and for fast results do not take after heavy meals.

Kamagra Polo Precaution

Do not take Kamagra Polo if you are allergic to sildenafil or any other ingredients present in it.

Avoid taking Kamagra Polo with medicines containing nitrates or nitric oxide donors.

Do not take Kamagra Polo if you suffer from serious heart or liver problems, certain rare inherited eye diseases, low blood pressure, stroke or heart attack.

Kamagra Polo Side Effects

Common side effects of Kamagra Polo include headache, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, dizziness indigestion, blurred vision or color blindness.

Serious side effects of Kamagra Polo include irregular breathing and increased heart beats, increased blood pressure and severe allergic manifestations.