• Sporanox


Sporanox Description

Sporanox is an oral antifungal medication used to treat various yeast or fungal diseases infecting lungs, mouth, throat and toe or fingernails. Sporanox contains itraconazole as active ingredient and available in form of capsules, oral solution or injection.

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Sporanox Action Mechanism

Sporanox inhibits synthesis of ergosterol, essential fungal cell membrane component, resulting in increased cellular permeability and leakage of cellular components. Sporanox also inhibits interaction with membrane phospholipids, purine uptake and biosynthesis of phospholipids, endogenous respiration and impairment of triglycerides or transformation of yeasts to mycelial forms.

Sporanox Dosage

Consult your medical professional as Sporanox dosage depends on your clinical condition. Sporanox is usually recommended as 200-400 mg taken daily as a single dose or two divided doses, with a glass of water and generally after meals.

Sporanox Precaution

Avoid Sporanox medication

  • If you are allergic to any of its components or similar medications
  • If you suffer from serious medical complications such as liver or kidney problems, breathing disorders or heart ailments
  • If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant or breast feeding

Sporanox Side Effects

Common side effects of Sporanox include

  • Headache, constipation and abdominal discomfort
  • Diarrhea, mild itching or skin rash and dizziness
  • runny nose or other symptoms of cold

While serious side effects of Sporanox include

  • shortness of breath and numbness or tingly feeling
  • dark urine, clay-colored stools or jaundice
  • adrenal gland suppression or hypertension