• Arimidex


Arimidex Description

Arimidex is an anti-cancer medicine used to treat hormone receptor-positive type of breast cancer in postmenopausal women (stop tumor growth by blocking estrogen production through hormone receptor binding). Arimidex contains anastrozole as its active component and is available in form of tablets for oral administration.

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Arimidex Action Mechanism

Arimidex executes its action through competitive inhibition, by reversibly binding to aromatase enzyme and thereby, inhibiting the conversion of androgens to estrogens in peripheral CNS tissues as well as CNS sites within brain. Arimidex thus blocks estrogen production and prevent progression of cancer through metastasis.

Arimidex Dosage

Consult your medical professional before taking Arimidex, as its dosage depends upon severity of your clinical condition and other medications you might be taking. The usual recommended dosage of Arimidex in adults is 1 mg tablet taken per day on regular basis and at same time every day. Arimidex is usually recommended with water and can be taken with or without having your meals.

Arimidex Precaution

Do not take Arimidex if you

  • Are allergic to any of its active or inactive components,
  • Suffer from serious medical complications such as heart ailments, osteoporosis or hypercholesterolemia,
  • Are premenopausal women, pregnant (or planning to become pregnant) or breastfeeding.

Arimidex Side Effects

Common side effects of Arimidex include

  • Headache, weakness or tiredness and diarrhea or constipation,
  • Cough or throat infection, dizziness, nausea and sweating,
  • Hot flashes, loss of appetite and back or bone pain.

While serious side effects of Arimidex include

  • Breathing problems, chest pain and leg pain or swelling,
  • Severe allergic reactions such as skin rash, itching or hives and swelling of face, lips, throat or tongue.