• RU486


The RU486 medication Mifeprex was designed for terminating pregnancies. This works more effectively on women who are of 49 days (7 weeks) or less from the day of their pregnancy. Mifeprex is a pill which has an active solution of mifepristone. This is one of the two drugs that help in the termination process. Its working mechanism is to block a hormone (progesterone) which is essential to continue the pregnancy.

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Back in the year 2000, this medication had been endorsed by the FDA. Ever since the medication is being bought off the shelves. When the combination of both mifepristone and misoprostol are used the results are always impressive. Both the medication are available with various other marketing names, however, they still have the same concoction of chemicals to get the job done.

How should RU486 be used?

You can either use it by the instruction given here, read the instruction from the sheet of paper inside the box (Medication Guide) or you can simply contact your doctor for further guidelines.

  • The 1st day three tablets of Mifeprex is administered orally. This cause the embryo (fetus) to break off the uterine wall.
  • Two days later, on the 3rd day, you are to again consume a pill called misoprostol or anything other medication alike. This will cause the body to flush out the embryo.

What dosages should RU486 be administered in?

Usually, 2 Mifeprex (200mg each) and 2 Misoprostol (200mg) is administered. Each person does have the same metabolism, their different dosages are given to us. You should get a medical examination done on yourself to ensure you are pregnant and that no complication shall prevail.

What are the advantages of using this RU486?

There is a high demand in the market for Mifeprex with various factors that have contributed towards making it grow at a fast pace. It a noninvasive for where it can be taken orally. Ultrasound has made detection of pregnancies easier, however, Mifeprex has made eradicating it easier.

  • It can be done at a faster pace compared to the surgical procedure.
  • The is a more natural way, almost similar to a miscarriage. In case, you're not resistant about guilt-tripping yourself.
  • While using the medication you can always have a shoulder to lean on.
  • No anesthesia (medications used to control pain) is used
  • You can do it from the solace of your home enjoying the comfort and ensuring your privacy.
  • No surgical instruments are involved.

What are RU486 side effects?

Side effects can vary through a lot of options. Bleeding and cramping are a natural cause, however, the ones listed are generated due to the use of this medication. It is possible to experience pain that is greater than a heavy period. Other side effects include headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches. Painkillers can be taken to relieves themselves of the pain.

What are RU486 precautions meant to be taken?

Missing out on the medication should be taken strictly, time is available until the eight week since pregnancy. It may cause unbearable abdominal pain and may cause extensive bleeding. As aforementioned, pain killers can be consumed to reduce the pain. If any harmful change is seen prior to the consumption of the pill, contact your doctor it may be an allergic reaction. Before the abortion is carried out it is mandatory to visit a doctor and alert him/her about your medical history. Lastly, grapes and products contain grapes or it's juice has a negative reaction to the medication. Avoided consuming it while on the use of the medication.