• Mifeprex


Mifeprex Description

Mifeprex is an oral contraceptive pill used to prevent early pregnancy (up to first 7 weeks). Mifepristone is the active component present in Mifeprex and usually available only through prescription as 600 mg capsule.

Mifeprex Contains Dosage

Mifeprex can be availed online in a dosage form of a single 200 mg tablet of Mifepristone and four 200 mcg tablets of Misoprostol in a single packet accounting to 5 tablets

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Mifeprex Action Mechanism

Mifeprex acts as anti-progesterone drug thereby disrupting uterine lining and as a result of which placenta becomes deprived of nourishment. Mifeprex thus, causes absence of oxygen and nourishment to embryo, resulting in its death.

Mifeprex Dosage

Consult your health care professional before taking any kind of Mifeprex dosage as it may result in unwanted medical complications. Mifeprex is usually recommended as single dose without regard to meals.

Mifeprex Precaution

Avoid Mifeprex if you are allergic to mifepristone, prostaglandins or any other medicines.

Do not take Mifeprex pregnant or breast feeding or have any clinical history such as blood clot, heart problems, liver ailments or hypertension.

Mifeprex Side Effects

Common side effects of Mifeprex include vomiting or diarrhea, nausea, weakness and dizziness; bleeding or cramping is also reported in some cases.

Serious side effects of Mifeprex that require emergency medical assistance include high fever, fainting, severe dizziness, fast heartbeat or troubled breathing, stomach pain or tenderness and severe allergic reactions such as hives, fever or swelling of face, lips, throat or tongue.